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Authentic &

Traditional Recipes

We aim in delivering the very best food; the food that our customers deserve. Staying true to classic authentic recipes along with providing a hint of modern twist; this is what Shadab goes by.


Shadab takes pride in its 4 Hyderabad Gold Elite Awards! Thanks to our belief of serving the best, most delicious food to our beloved customers.


Appetite calling. Here we go!

 Prepared from rich & flavourful spices, our starters are the perfect start to your meal. From Chinese to North Indian, enjoy our wide variety of unique recipes!

Main Course

The best of the best.

Choose between the classics! The genuine flavours of the Nizams or the modern delicacies. Our Main Course recipes are a fine blend of tradition, modernity and love. Enjoy the most scrumptious curries, rotis and much more!


The dish to end all dishes.

The sweetest dessert straight from the gardens of Eden. Worry not, we shall satisfy your sweet tooth! Be it Double Ka Meetha or Qubani Ka Meetha, we've got the perfect blend of sweet just for you!

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