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Our History

Greatness from small beginnings

Shadab got it's name in The Month Of Ramadan. To be precise; in April 1990. The Urdu word "Shadab" was picked by Khaja Pasha based on it's meaning. It translates to being "fresh", "evergreen", "joyful" and "prosperous", which are the literal translations that Shadab stands for.

Shadab was established with one dream. A dream to invite people from different communities & to enjoy authentic Hyderabadi food under one roof; as a collective family. This determined passion & love for Hyderabad & it’s cuisine motivated Khaja Pasha to establish Shadab.

About Us

Culinary excellence since 1990

Located in the heart of this incredible city, Shadab Hotel is the epitome of everything Hyderabad. Shadab was establsihed in 1990, by a Hyderabadi family with one motive in mind - Elegance through simplicity. To provide what our customers desired. A place with exquisite food and the means to explore your inner self. Today, 3 decades later, we stand proud and glorious with three branches serving over 5000 customers every week.

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Our Values

The most exquisite Hyderabadi recipes are more closer to you than ever!

Scrumptious Biryani, rich curries, mouth watering kebabs, we’ve got it all & we’re bringining all of them to you.

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